Latest Publications

  • R. Aydogan, T. Baarslag, E. Gerding, C. M. Jonker, V. Julian and V. Sánchez-Anguix
    Conflict Resolution in Decision Making
    Second International Workshop, COREDEMA 2016, The Hague, The Netherlands, August 29-30, 2016, Revised Selected Papers Vol. 10238 pp. 1-149. (2017) Bibtex

  • N. Criado, C. Carrascosa, N. Osman and V. Julian
    Multi-Agent Systems and Agreement Technologies
    14th European Conference, EUMAS 2016, and 4th International Conference, AT 2016, Valencia, Spain, December 15-16, 2016, Revised Selected Papers Vol. 10207 pp. 1-538. (2017) Bibtex

  • A. Costa, A. Yelshyna, T. Moreira, J. Andrade, V. Julian and P. Novais
    A legal framework for an elderly healthcare platform: A privacy and data protection overview
    Computer Law & Security Review: The International Journal of Technology Law and Practice pp. In Press. (2017) Bibtex

  • S. Heras, J. Palanca and C. Chesñevar
    Argumentation-based Personal Assistants for Ambient Assisted Living
    Personal Assistants: Emerging Technologies pp. In Press. (2017) Bibtex

  • H. Billhardt, A. Fernández, Marin Lujak, S. Ossowski, V. Julian, J. F. de Paz and J. Hernandez
    Coordinating open fleets. A taxi assignment example
    AI Communications pp. In Press. (2017) Bibtex

  • J.A. Rincon, A. Costa, G. Villarubia, V. Julian and C. Carrascosa
    Introducing Dynamism in Emotional Agent Societies
    Neurocomputing pp. In Press. (2017) Bibtex

  • A. Giret, D. Trentesaux, M.A. Salido, Emilia Garcia and E. Adam
    A holonic multi-agent methodology to design sustainable intelligent manufacturing
    Journal of Cleaner Production pp. In Press. (2017) Bibtex

  • D. Trentesaux, A. Giret, F. Tonelli and P. Skobelev
    Emerging Key Requirements for Future Energy-Aware Production Scheduling Systems: A Multi-agent and Holonic Perspective
    Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing pp. 127-142. (2017) Bibtex

  • S. Heras, P. Rodriguez, J. Palanca, D. Nestor and V. Julian
    Using Argumentation to Persuade Students in an Educational Recommender System
    XII International Conference on Persuasive Technology Vol. 10171 pp. 227-239. (2017) Bibtex

  • A. Costa, S. Heras, J. Palanca, J. Jordán, P. Novais and V. Julian
    Argumentation Schemes for Events Suggestion in an e-Health Platform
    XII International Conference on Persuasive Technology Vol. 10171 pp. 17-30. (2017) Bibtex