Latest Publications

  • J.A. Rincon, A. Costa, P. Novais, V. Julian and C. Carrascosa
    Intelligent wristbands for the automatic detection of emotional states for the elderly
    Proceedings of IDEAL'2018 pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • B. Okresa, J.A. Rincon, C. Carrascosa, M. Schatten and V. Julian
    MAMbO5: A new Ontology Approach for Modelling and Managing Intelligent Virtual Environments Based on Multi-Agent Systems
    Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • A. Costa, E. Martinez-Martin, M. Cazorla and V. Julian
    PHAROS—PHysical Assistant RObot System
    SENSORS Vol. 18 N. 8 pp. 2633-1. (2018) Bibtex

  • T. Oliveira, A. Silva, K. Satoh, V. Julian, P. Leao and P. Novais
    Survivability Prediction of Colorectal Cancer Patients: A System with Evolving Features for Continuous Improvement
    SENSORS Vol. 18 N. 9 pp. 2983-1. (2018) Bibtex

  • J.A. Rincon, V. Julian, C. Carrascosa, A. Costa and P. Novais
    Detecting emotions through non-invasive wearables
    Logic Journal of the IGPL pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • C. Peñaranda, J. Palanca, V. Julian and V. Botti
    A flexible and dynamic mobile robot localization approach
    Logic Journal of the IGPL pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • J. Jordán, J. Palanca, E. Del Val, V. Julian and V. Botti
    Using Genetic Algorithms to Optimize the Location of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    The 13th International Conference on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications Vol. 771 pp. 11-20. (2018) Bibtex

  • A. Costa, P. Novais, V. Julian and G. Nalepa
    Cognitive Assistants
    International Journal of Human-Computer Studies pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • J.A. Rincon, A. Costa, P. Novais, V. Julian and C. Carrascosa
    A new Emotional Robot Assistant that facilitates human interaction and persuasion
    Knowledge and Information Systems pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • G. Aguado, V. Julian and A. García-Fornes
    Towards Aiding Decision-Making in Social Networks by Using Sentiment and Stress Combined Analysis
    Information Vol. 9 N. 107 pp. 1-13. (2018) Bibtex